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Who are we?

VR Productions is a reality-changing programme working with young people to help fulfil their full potential.
It’s your chance to explore, be inspired and find your passion.

Is it for me?

VR is specifically designed to provide you with all sorts of new experiences - you’ll be surprised by how much you’re actually capable of, coming away with a variety of new skills.

Your VR experience will be delivered by our incredible VR team to create an energised fun filled journey. We also work collaboratively with charities, not-for-profits and private sector organisations to enrich the experience for everyone who takes part, as well as your wider community.

We are working with young people to unlock their creative potential and aim to ”Change Your Reality Through Virtual Reality” by engaging young people through production training, podcast training, knife crime interventions, mentoring, film production training, AR development and team building workshops plus many more.

Summer projects

At last you’re out of the classroom and into the great creative dimensions, discovering talents you never knew you had and making friends with some of the best people you’ll ever meet.

You will definitely be part of the change to our future.

You are about to take part in a out of this world experience with VR productions we will take you on a 5 day residential that will be off the scale.

Filled with pure adrenaline you will take part in rock climbing, archery, camping, canoeing team building activities, team hunts and many more fun packed activities.

VR are going to transform your reality and develop you to new heights developing your life skills by building confidence, team work, communications skills, financial management, enterprise and entrepreneurship which will improve employability skills and help develop your CV, further education applications and develop YOU.


Having a mentor helps shape and guide you on your creative individual journey to make you a better YOU.

Having the VR team to help through some of your toughest and most enjoyable experiences will reassure and develop action plans to execute desired task and improve YOU.

360° filming

We create content developed by the VR team and also any ideas created by YOU.

In a immersive headset you will experience true to life current social issues that you face as young people, providing strategies to cope and deal with experiences that may, will or have taken place.

There's more...

Fortunately, we're a talented bunch over here so we do more too including...


Is expressing your self something that you are interested in?
Do you have a great guest or a great story? Then a podcast is definitely for you.
We have trained specialists who can develop podcasts for you to deliver.

Knife Crime Workshops

We deliver knife crime workshops to ages between 11-25 for those groups exposed to environments where knife crime incidents occur.
We have a 6-12 week programme that discusses and has a interactive workshop whereby we go through a rigorous in depth preventative experience.

VR Productions

Changing your reality through VR


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